no more marathon.

[okay okay okay - I know I said I was trying to work on being a consistent poster... still working on it.]

Post DNF failure, I took a little run break for a few days to assess the situation. The assessment turned out to be something felt really strange, I was walking pretty ridiculously and I decided to make an appointment with an othopeadist (because I'm 97).

I had my appointment thinking I'd leave with a tendonitis diagnosis, sit out for a week and be on the road again in no time. Following the exam and a series of x-rays, the doctor ordered an MRI of my leg for the next day and told me to put no weight on it as he thought it could be tendonitis, but x-rays indicated a "stress overuse injury".

Me: "When you say no weight, what do you mean?"
Doc: "You can't use your leg."
Me: "I have a spinning class otnight, can I go to that?"
Doc: "No, I think you use both your legs in spinning."
Me: "I'm registered or a 5k this weekend, can I do that?"
Doc: "No, that would mean using your leg."
Me: "If I do a training walk instead of run, can I get mileage in this week?"
Doc: "Nope. You just can't use your leg. You can only use your right leg and keep your left leg elevated while you use crutches. You can not put any pressure on your left leg. No exercise, no walking, no standing, no stretching it, no pressure."
Me: concentrating to figure out how serious he was... "Okay."
Doc: "If you use your leg and do more damage, you'll be sitting out for longer. You can aquajog if you want to exercise."

Fine.I went home mad and dug up the family crutches that have supported many family members through injury and sat on the couch.

crutch pool with the pup.
Sidenote: Crutches suck. They hurt and you can't carry anything when you're using them. You also can't use a purse, you have to trade your Michael Kors tote for a Northface day pack in order to go to work with all of your supplies. Don't get hurt badly enough to require crutches ever. 

MRI day was here and I crutched myself into the exam room. Sat for 30 minutes while this crazy jackhammer tube took all the pictures the doctor needed and planned to leave immediately. Well, the radiologist stopped me on my way out the door and asked what I planned to do with my leg, starring at it unwrapped sporting a flip-flop. I must have looked confused because he elequently stated, "you're going to have to do something with it - that's fractured across. Have you been running a lot?" Stunned, I explained that I've been training for an October marathon, so yes. He laughed outloud (literally lol'ed) and exclaimed "Well there goes that marathon!!" gleefully.

I cried the entire way back to my office and talked myself out of what he said because clearly he had to be an alarmist. Two hours later my doctor called to schedule a cast fitting for the next day.

But if anything was going to lift my spirits,  it is certainly this little gem that I picked up at the orthopedist the next day.

Meet my newest accessory - Black Beauty.
So along with that lovely new shoe came the news that I would be on crutches for at least three more weeks. After intently examining my MRI results, I came to the conclusion that my ankle looked like a kid drew their rendition of an earthquake straight across the bone. Now that I had evidence, I actually believed what they were telling me so I composed myself enough to ask how long it would take to heel. Eight weeks. I should be ready to walk normally on October 8th - the day after the race I've been training for since January.