recap :: MoHud2013 week 6

Sunday was my first 5k since the great fracture of 2012. I was just happy to be there, happy to sport a bib and timing chip and happy for the orange slices that were waiting for me at the end. I had no plan but to take it easy and would have been very happy with anything under 30mins as my first go at it, so I was pumped when I crossed the line and saw "28" as the first number. I made a concerted effort not to check my Garmin throughout the race and strategically picked runners ahead of me that I would eventually move ahead of. My internal dialogue sounded like this: 

"grey shirt guy, I'll get him on the hill. He doesn't look like he's made for hills. Grey shirt guy is slowing down... move."

"I see you, pink shoe laces. I'm coming for you. Slow down pink shoe laces, slow. it. down."

At mile two, I passed the marker but didn't hear my Garmin beep (probably because Britney Spears Jay-Z were blaring in my headphones). I took this as a sign to check my stats begrudgingly looked down to make sure the sign wasn't lying to me (because most race directors set out to trick you) and saw 18mins and change displayed on my watch, got a little excited and also a little tired. My training runs have been between 10:40 and 9:22 per mile, so I thought I'd replicate that effort on the course, but ended up picking it up a bit. My last mile was 8:58 (weee! broke into the 8s!!). Of course once I realized I was going faster than usual, I got incredibly tired and wanted a walk break. But everyone knows you look like a quitter when you take a walk break and there was a 70+ year old man ahead of me that clearly wasn't into walk breaks, so I stopped whining and continued on for ~9 more minutes. Chip time at the end was 28:30 (only 15 seconds slower than my 5k PR), I started my Garmin when I crossed the start and it reported 28:21.

sweet, new, colorful babies.
After the magic of race #1 in 2013 I retreated home to try 1.5mi in my old-because-they've-been-sitting-in-a-box-but-new-because-I've-only-worn-them-for-a-mile Mizunos. Huge mistake. Maybe not if I had hit the road a few minutes after the race, but over an hour after was a bad idea. The only plus of the painful, lactic acid filled run was that my shoes looked fab. 

Monday: 60min spin; 45min total body
                scheduled - 45min walk
Tuesday: rest
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 3mi (1.5mi on the trail)
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 2mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 2.25mi (fartleks)
                scheduled - 2mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 4.65mi
                scheduled - 4.5mi

Weekly mileage: 12.40mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 11.5mi


recap :: MoHud2013 week 5

I signed up for my first race since the epic fail of a half marathon last August. I'm using the term "race" loosely. Yes, I signed up, paid, will gladly get the race tee and on Sunday I will safety pin a bib on myself, but I doubt I'm going to be PRing or leaving dust in my wake. It's a 5k and with the times I've been posting lately, I'll be happy with anything under 31mins.  

Also, I love this story
flag at half mast on the trail honoring Boston.
 Monday: 60min BCC - arms; 2.20 miles (tempo)
                scheduled - 30min walk
Tuesday:60min BCC - legs; 60min spin w/ abs
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday:60 min BCC - cardio
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 4.0mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 2.5mi (fartleks)
                scheduled - 2mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 4.0mi (LSD with negative splits)
                scheduled - 3mi

Weekly mileage: 12.70mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 10mi


boston stands as one

While my heart hurts for Boston, the runners, the families, the spectators, the volunteers and the entire running community,  finding inspiration in the wake of the tragedy is not difficult. Witnessing the global community come together in support of strangers is uplifting. Groups of hundreds all over the country taking to the streets to run in solidarity, other races offering entry to those unable to cross the line on Boylston Street, the random acts of kindness to benefit those most directly impacted is heartwarming. The way the Boston Athletic Association has held it's head high and conducted business following the tragedy is commendable and has set a strong example for other race directors and organizers. Every runner entertains the thought that maybe someday they could BQ. My guess is that we will all be pushing a little bit harder in our training with the hope of lining up in Hopkinton on Patriots Day next year.
"Boston stands as one" t-shirt is available at adidas.com for $26.20.
100% of the proceeds going to The One Fund Boston, Inc.
Some worthwhile reads:


recap :: MoHud2013 week 4

Finally - the weather was on my side, the sun was shining and I got some miles in outside! Only 4, but it's a start. Monday I went for a quick jaunt around the block followed by a spin class. I felt fine when I was in progress until .75mi and I thought my feet were on fire. Once the run was over, my feet returned to normal for my hour on the bike. The next day I felt like I got hit by a bus and was coming down with the flu (yep - at the exact same time). As much as I complain about treadmills, they are a little more hospitable than concrete when it comes to the destruction of your joints - also, running inside is warmer and there's never a threat of rain.  

inspire me, ladies.
All was well Wednesday when I headed out for 3miles in the driving rain and was reminded of what actual training was like. I was quickly reminded again as I slogged through my Saturday "long" (4 miles doesn't seem very long) run. I was tired and less than enthusiastic about getting the miles in. Arrested Development and speed intervals got me through.

Also (!!!) it's Marathon Monday! I'll be streaming the Boston
Marathon live online and finding inspiration for week 5 from my bffs Kara and Shalane.

Monday: 60min BCC - arms; 60min spin; 1mi outside
                scheduled - 40min walk
Tuesday: rest
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC - total body; 3mi outside
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 2mi hills + .50mi barefoot
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 60min BCC - cardio; 1.5mi
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Saturday: 4mi
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 60min spin
                scheduled - 4mi

Weekly mileage: 11.5mi (I'm not counting the .50 barefoot)

Scheduled weekly mileage: 10.5mi


waiting for mezamashii

Remember these?
Well they're still in the box in my closet. They experienced 1 mile run (with a broken leg) on the treadmill and then were packed back up to wait for me until I was ready to find their brilliance.

I'm ready to break these bad boys in and write my review for the Mezamashii Project (sorry for the 8 month hiatus, Mizuno... I promise I intended to be running in these the whole time).

I'm convinced that a run in shoes that are not stark white is automatically qualifies as brilliant, but in my quest for the brilliant run, I'm hoping to stumble along some PRs, new distances (ahem...26.2miles, to be exact) and a lot more miles. 


recap :: MoHud2013 week 3

All of my runs have been on the treadmill so far. This week is the week I break free of the confines of my house and enjoy the great outdoors. It is supposed to be warm and 60+ all week, so I think it's finally time to take this party outside.

Monday: 60min BCC - arms & cardio
                scheduled - 35min walk
Tuesday: 1.5mi; 60min spin
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC - legs; 3mi
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Thursday: 1.5mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 60min BCC cardio
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Saturday: 3mi
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 60min spin
                scheduled - 3mi

Weekly mileage: 9mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 9mi


recap :: MoHud2013 week 2

Friday's "core training" was more intense than it sounds. A champion cage fighter (for real) taught the class and he wasn't really someone who seemed like he joked around a lot. It was 30 minutes of crazy planks, wall sits, push ups, balance exercises and ridiculous lunge kicks. 

All my runs are still relegated to a treadmill and were accompanied by Jason Bateman and Michael Cera.  Warm up and 2mi per episode of Arrested Development, thanks Netflix.

Monday: 60min BCC - arms & cardio; 60min spin; 45min total body
                scheduled - 30min walk
Tuesday: 2mi
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC - legs; 1.5mi
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Thursday: 3mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday:  60min BCC - cardio; 30min spin; 30min core training
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Saturday: 5mi walk/shopping/eating froyo
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 60min spin; 3.5mi
                scheduled - 3.5mi

Weekly mileage: 10mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 9.5mi