recap :: MoHud2013 week 4

Finally - the weather was on my side, the sun was shining and I got some miles in outside! Only 4, but it's a start. Monday I went for a quick jaunt around the block followed by a spin class. I felt fine when I was in progress until .75mi and I thought my feet were on fire. Once the run was over, my feet returned to normal for my hour on the bike. The next day I felt like I got hit by a bus and was coming down with the flu (yep - at the exact same time). As much as I complain about treadmills, they are a little more hospitable than concrete when it comes to the destruction of your joints - also, running inside is warmer and there's never a threat of rain.  

inspire me, ladies.
All was well Wednesday when I headed out for 3miles in the driving rain and was reminded of what actual training was like. I was quickly reminded again as I slogged through my Saturday "long" (4 miles doesn't seem very long) run. I was tired and less than enthusiastic about getting the miles in. Arrested Development and speed intervals got me through.

Also (!!!) it's Marathon Monday! I'll be streaming the Boston
Marathon live online and finding inspiration for week 5 from my bffs Kara and Shalane.

Monday: 60min BCC - arms; 60min spin; 1mi outside
                scheduled - 40min walk
Tuesday: rest
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC - total body; 3mi outside
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 2mi hills + .50mi barefoot
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 60min BCC - cardio; 1.5mi
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Saturday: 4mi
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 60min spin
                scheduled - 4mi

Weekly mileage: 11.5mi (I'm not counting the .50 barefoot)

Scheduled weekly mileage: 10.5mi