recap :: MoHud2013 week 2

Friday's "core training" was more intense than it sounds. A champion cage fighter (for real) taught the class and he wasn't really someone who seemed like he joked around a lot. It was 30 minutes of crazy planks, wall sits, push ups, balance exercises and ridiculous lunge kicks. 

All my runs are still relegated to a treadmill and were accompanied by Jason Bateman and Michael Cera.  Warm up and 2mi per episode of Arrested Development, thanks Netflix.

Monday: 60min BCC - arms & cardio; 60min spin; 45min total body
                scheduled - 30min walk
Tuesday: 2mi
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC - legs; 1.5mi
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Thursday: 3mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday:  60min BCC - cardio; 30min spin; 30min core training
                scheduled - 1.5mi  
Saturday: 5mi walk/shopping/eating froyo
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 60min spin; 3.5mi
                scheduled - 3.5mi

Weekly mileage: 10mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 9.5mi