making risotto is nothing like making rice.

More veggies! Our sweet delivery folk are on a two week hiatus, which should give me some time to get through the produce mecca that I call our fridge. Once again, this week did not disappoint.

frozen curly kale, frozen butternut squash puree,
hydroponic arugula, onions, apples, potatoes, turnips and carrots
A note about apples: I will never buy an apple from the store again. It's so nice to enjoy an apple without consuming that weird, waxy substance grocery stores use to make them shiny.

The curly kale turned into a kale and onion frittata, kale and shallot greek yogurt dip and just regular kale to eat in a salad.

yum. butternut squash risotto
topped with hydroponic arugula
I decided to forgo the obvious choice of making soup with the butternut squash puree and found a simple recipe for risotto on my food site. After reading the recipe, searching two stores for the correct rice and thawing the puree, I went to work. Clearly I disregarded the "labor of love" warning within the post, because 25 minutes in I was sick of stirring and standing over the stove. For this whole risotto thing to work, you have to ladle one spoonful of broth into the rice at a time and wait for the liquid to absorb as you stir gently. This takes upwards of half an hour (depending on how much you make). Who knew?

I profoundly apologize for every time I've described risotto as being "just like rice, but better". It's not just like rice. You can literally make rice in one minute. I also want to thank every chef that has ever prepared risotto for me at a restaurant. I never knew of the hardship I was putting them through as I ordered.

Yes, it was worth it. Yes, I'll be making it again.