recap :: week -2

Nothing exciting. Somewhere in between Monday and Tuesday my ex-brokeassleg started to feel little twinges of discomfort. Embracing the smarTRAINING attitude I'm trying to get excited about, I dropped my 3miler down to a 1miler and took it ridiculously slow. By Thursday morning at 6:30a I was so thankful spin was over and I wasn't working out again until Saturday. Rest was what I needed because that gross tired feeling in my legs was gone after Saturday and Sunday workouts.

Monday: 60min spin, 45min total body
Tuesday : 60min spin with abs
Wednesday: 1 s u p e r  s l o w mile, 20min recumbent bike, 30min elliptical, abs
Thursday: 60min spin with circuits
Friday: rest (sweet, sweet rest)
Saturday: 3.25 miles easy with some sprints
Sunday: 60min spin

Weekly mileage: 4.25miles