After picking up the delivery of Field Goods last week, I took everything home and wondered what I was going to do with it all. It felt like we had so much stuff.
crimini mushrooms - my new favorite food

Frozen kale: lasagnas (I made 2, both hit the freezer for a night where we're short on time).
Crimini mushrooms: sautéed with light olive oil, garlic and onions. Used for omelets and to top roast beef paninis.
Satina potatoes: cut up, seasoned with Dinosaur BBQ Cajun rub, added onions and made home fries.
Beets: roasted and popped in the fridge to use in salads later in the week.

The jury is still out in the huge radish... we'll see. Update: I gave the raffish to my parents, jury is still out.

...and then we got more stuff.

frozen blueberries, frozen sweet corn, cabbage,
pea shoots, micro-greens, carrots and apples