I ordered weekly vegetables.

In the spirit of smart training and health promotion, I've been food journaling (also as part of my Boot Camp Challenge marching orders) and it's been pretty insightful. Since the journaling started, it seemed fitting to cook at home 4+ nights a week. And so here we are.

If you haven't stopped by Gina's blog - you should.

Her recipes are easy to follow, don't require any
crazy ingredients and are always delicious.
Pinterest has been my BFF lately. I basically pin everything and anything that isn't pork that comes through my skinnytaste.com RSS feed to my "eats" board so I remember to try it at a later date. My annoying, obsessive training plan habits have crossed over into meal planning. I'm embarrassed exceedingly proud to admit that I now plan meals a month at a time. Yes; all of my March dinners are planned and hanging on a calendar on my fridge. Another plus - this is making grocery shopping (my least favorite activity) a breeze. 

Winter in the northeast doesn't exactly bring the best selection of produce to the local grocery stores and many of the local farmers markets disappear, or are severely limited. So when I heard local vendor, Field Goods, was offering to bring me a bag of veggies to work weekly, I said "yes please".

Side note: not only do they offer fresh vegetables and fruits, they also have the option of cheese and bread subscriptions... I didn't commit yet for fear of gaining an immense amount of lbs, but if this works out I can foresee a loaf of bread being thrown into the mix. When I inquired about the types of bread, the Field Goods representative responded with "you get a full loaf every week. Last week it was pesto - so good... The week before it was sun-dried tomato, it was amazing... Really all the bread is wonderful."

Hurry up, Thursday!
I opted for the 1-2 person bag of veggies for the week...it was all I could do not to click "add bread subscription" at checkout...The first shipment comes next Thursday and I'm pretty excited. The variety of fresh veggies change weekly (aka I will have to try a plethora of new produce I probably never would have purchased otherwise) and comes with an e-newsletter detailing the benefits of each vegetable, how it is grown and what (if any) pesticides are used and (the best part) recipes for each item in the bag.

Cheers to fresh veggies, new recipes! ...and eventually adding the bread and cheese subscription.