recap :: MoHud2013 week 5

I signed up for my first race since the epic fail of a half marathon last August. I'm using the term "race" loosely. Yes, I signed up, paid, will gladly get the race tee and on Sunday I will safety pin a bib on myself, but I doubt I'm going to be PRing or leaving dust in my wake. It's a 5k and with the times I've been posting lately, I'll be happy with anything under 31mins.  

Also, I love this story
flag at half mast on the trail honoring Boston.
 Monday: 60min BCC - arms; 2.20 miles (tempo)
                scheduled - 30min walk
Tuesday:60min BCC - legs; 60min spin w/ abs
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday:60 min BCC - cardio
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 4.0mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 2.5mi (fartleks)
                scheduled - 2mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 4.0mi (LSD with negative splits)
                scheduled - 3mi

Weekly mileage: 12.70mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 10mi