she's crafty.

Just to recap, I was basically told to sit out of everything fun or even remotely athletic. This includes the half marathon on the horizon, a bunch of 5k races, regular summer/fall fun events (think swimming, biking, shopping)...oh... and yes, the marathon I've been training for since January.
"hang out with the dog" is included in all of these approved activities - Marley loves injured owners.

With a whole lot of sitting on the couch in my future, I did what anyone would do - logged onto my Pinterest account and decided to pull out my box of craft supplies. While I was housebound not only did I catch up on reality television shows that have been taking space on my DVR since the Olympics, but I also discovered Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell are on daily (thanks, MTV2!).

Weekends were pretty much empty - enter: crafting. I have dappled in scrap-booking before, I've struggled through taken a knitting class and I'm no stranger to making holiday ornaments. Thanks to Pinterest, my crafty side has been re-inspired. I even bought this gem:

try making a crappy craft with a zebra print glue gun - impossible.

Craft 1: Fun wreath for the bathroom for under $10
Supplies: wreath ($3); rosettes ($4); bronze glitter blast spray paint ($4) - you'll only use a bit of spray paint, but save it because you'll find things around the house you'll want to glitter blast.
you'll also need your trusty zebra glue gun and
scissors to get the rosettes out of the damn package

  1. Glitter blast the wreath until it's bronzed and glittery and fabulous
  2. Once the paint dries, take the wreath inside and fire up your zebra glue gun
  3. Fight with the packaging to free the silk rosettes
  4. Arrange rosette and place a dab of glue on the back of each rosette, press into place 
The whole thing can be done sitting down (for those with mobility issues) and it takes about 15 minutes.


    More crafting to come. Stay tuned.