pt for me.

Following all the extreme jealousy fun of marathon weekend, I limped into my orthopeadist bright and early on Tuesday morning waiting to hear "you're cured!! get your sneakers out of the closet and hit the road, friend!".

xoxo, miss you.
That didn't happen.

Apparently when there is some kind of trauma that destroys your bone, it takes quite some time to completely repair. Although I'm cleared for weight-bearing activities, I'm certainly not in any shape to run, jump, hop or skip to the start line of my next race. I've been banished to spin classes and the elliptical which could be a little setback in marathon training round two that I anticipated starting on October 31st.

Current status: Healing.
Next step: PT for six weeks. Six weeks puts me in mid-November. I'm not too broken up about having to go work out for an hour twice a week with someone who will be teaching me proper form and giving me pointers along the way. I'm also really hoping the physical therapist has superpowers that will enable instantaneous healing and restore all of the muscle I've lost in my left leg. Seems reasonable.