you're going to get hurt.

Well, that's accurate. A few days after I hurt myself I attended a (previously scheduled) seminar offered by my marathon training group as a supplement to the program. They frequently have education sessions with great guest speakers who can provide a lot of practical insight. This session was hosted by an orthopedist who worked mostly with patients who ran themselves into injury (...totally weird, who would ever do that?).

...just kidding. (well, not about the Giants game. GO G-MEN!)
He was focused mostly on common running injuries, treatment options and prevention, but, he was also a multiple marathoner and Ironman, so his perspective was a bit more realistic than advice coming from people who don't willingly drag themselves out of bed at 6am on a Sunday morning to log double digit miles before the rest of the house stirs.

He led and ended with "you're going to get hurt". Not because you're not trying to avoid it, but because it's truly inevitable. His suggestion was to take your injury as an opportunity to learn what being hurt feels like, as opposed to being uncomfortable or wanting to quit. It's also a good time to let your body reset itself and reevaluate your training techniques.

Hey fractured fibula, thanks for the not-so-cryptic message. I get it. I'll be lengthening my training plan to a 30 week program and not skimping on the cross training - promise!!