recap :: MoHud2013 week 8

Eight weeks deep. Bootcamp is back. After a 2+ week hiatus, it has returned with a vengeance and set up shop outdoors this time. The asphalt pavement feels really awesome on my knees, I'm loving all of the jumping. Saturday was supposed to be my reentry into hiking, but it rained so we decided to reschedule and I went shopping instead. I skipped one training run, took three rest days and ate a bunch of froyo - but had a stellar week in terms of shoe acquisition.
for the hike that wasn't.
how do you pass up wedges for $30?
trying to go back to my NB roots.

Monday: 60min BCC (arms); 60min spin 
                scheduled - 50min walk 
Tuesday: rest
               scheduled - rest 
Wednesday: 60min BCC (lower body); 2mi
               scheduled - 2mi   
Thursday: rest
               scheduled - 3mi   
Friday: 60min BCC (cardio); 1.7mi speed work
               scheduled - 2mi   
Saturday: rest
               scheduled - rest   
Sunday: 5.1mi
              scheduled - 5mi
Weekly mileage: 8.80mi 
Scheduled weekly mileage: 12mi