recap :: MoHud2013 week 10

Ten weeks in. Twenty more to go. 

Big fail this week. Instead of the scheduled 5.5mi on Sunday, I opted to skip it because it was cold out (as if I've never run in the northeast in the winter) and do the run on Monday (we also opted to skip the duathlon relay because of the weather too...). Great plan. Fastforward to Sunday night and you could find me on the dance floor reenacting senior prom at a  fabulous wedding. The only moving that took place on Monday was from the walk from my bed to the couch, where I sat with the dog for the duration of the day. I'm vaguely remembering the days of last summer when I was in bed early for long run Sunday and actually being excited about it.

I'm crossing my fingers for any ounce of motivation in week eleven. Yikes.

Monday: 60min BCC (arms)
                scheduled - 55min walk
Tuesday: 4.5mi (track workout, 400x10)
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min BCC (lower body)
                scheduled - 2mi  
Thursday: 2mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Friday: 60mins BCC (cardio)
                scheduled - 2.5mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: rest bad dancing
                scheduled - 5.5mi

Weekly mileage: 6.5mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 13mi