recap :: MoHud2013 week 15

...Oops. Meant to post this bad boy 7/1...again, awful blogging skills. I get it. 

Halfway! Week 15 is when normal people prepping for a Columbus Day weekend marathon would begin their plans. Not me. I opted for the 30 week venture in hopes of not breaking any bones. There are theories for and against this. Some people say that building mileage too quickly (like in a shorter plan) can contribute to injuries, whereas others believe that training with an extended plan could cause injury. Clearly the shorter plan didn't workout so well last year, when at week xx ran a half marathon on a broken leg and was benched the rest of the season...oops.

This week was a bit of a drop back in mileage, which I was grateful for after my 7mi of misery last week.

Monday: leg strength work
                scheduled - cross
Tuesday: 3mi
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 4.25mi
                scheduled - 3mi  
Thursday: 60min spin
                scheduled - 4mi  
Friday: rest
                scheduled - 3mi  
Saturday: 3.25mi
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: 5mi
                scheduled - 5mi

Weekly mileage: 15.50mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 15mi