recap :: MoHud2013 week 16

So remember way back when, when I was having...concerns blind fear about finishing the Warrior Dash? Well, it was, indeed the epic fail I nervously anticipated. Thankfully I didn't have to need the medics at the Dash, but my injured ass didn't even make it to the start coral.
photo cred: ME. because I was standing with a camera and
backpack of post-race crap for my 2 favorite warriors.

After a lovely 15th week of  MoHud2013 training was complete, I started week 16 with a rest day followed by an easy 3mi treadmill jaunt. It was raining (hence the treadmill) but all was well and I enjoyed a quick, pain free three miles watching Arrested Development. Then I decided to meet my mom for quesadillas, stepped up the tiny, minuscule, less than 6 inches step into the restaurant and felt a weird snap/pop/rip/tear/overalldisgustingsensation in my right knee.

Great. Not thinking anything of it, I took a Tylenol with my quesadilla and enjoyed. 

Blah blah blah, by the time I got home my knee was swollen, hot to the touch and I couldn't walk on it. Terrified, I hobbled to my orthopedist's office and his colleague diagnosed me with ITB syndrome (seriously, I've been foam rolling like a boss and even got a Tiger Tail) and patellofemoral syndrome. He also suspected my kneecap was tracking the wrong way when I ran (gross), told me "now is probably not the right time to continue training". Fail. 

Before I left, I got another orthopedic accessory and (more) advice to cool it with the marathon training for another year (obviously unacceptable - this is the part I stopped listening).

I followed his advice and did NOTHING for the rest of the week. Lesson: don't go for quesadillas during a marathon training cycle?

Monday: rest
                scheduled - cross
Tuesday: 3mi
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: rest
                scheduled - 3mi  
Thursday: rest
                scheduled - 4mi  
Friday: rest
                scheduled - 3mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: rest
                scheduled - 9mi

Weekly mileage: 3mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 19mi