recap :: MoHud2013 week 17

Rest rest rest. What do you so when all you training time is now unoccupied?

Easy answer: enjoy summer. Yes. However, it rained more in upstate NY in June and July than it does in Seattle (true story).
So in lieu of training. This is what's been happening:

I've been sampling Oatmeal Stout on the couch, 
missed the coaster...I know.

watching Marley meticulously carry his bone around the house as if it was his child,  

ice and compress as if I was active, 

craft outdoor flower vases from mason jars, 
note: this looks cute for a week, then the flowers die and
you have to do something about it. #notmaintenancefree

hanging out with his crazy ass and his squeaky dragon, 

enjoying local craft brews in St. Patrick Day delights on the porch,  

and when I've run out of fun on a Saturday, I take advice written on wooden plaques. 

Monday: rest
                scheduled - cross
Tuesday: rest
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: rest
                scheduled - 3mi  
Thursday: rest
                scheduled - 5mi  
Friday: rest
                scheduled - 3mi  
Saturday: rest
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: rest - on Boilermaker Sunday :(
                scheduled - 10mi

Weekly mileage: 0mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 21mi