recap :: MoHud2013 week 22

Eight. Weeks. Left.

Week 21's long run was pushed until Monday, plus a little extra cardio for good measure. Since I'm relegated to running twice weekly, I opted to go to a spin class after my long run to really tire out my legs. It worked and somehow I unknowingly signed up for the hardest spin class known to man, full of sprint intervals and climbing sprints.

The eight miles felt better than I anticipated. Knowing I'd be annoyed, tired and not wanting to run long on a work day, I changed my scenery and ran through town, stopping to grab a few miles on the track to focus on form and keeping my knee in the right spot. At my PT session last week, the Doc noticed I stand/run/walk/move with my right foot/leg kicked slightly to the right, instead of pointing straight ahead. She blamed most of my current injury on poor mechanics (super) and said I could probably fix it if I paid attention to my form and practiced running on straight lines. The track provided a welcomed distraction from running through town with hills (...so, so many hills), blown out sidewalks, tree roots, traffic, rocks and a multitude of other hazards. The first few miles were annoying, but by mile three everything fell into place for a comfortable last five miles.

Saturday I got up and out for my week 22 long run before it got too warm. This was another run I took to the city (albeit a different one) to help the miles tick away "faster". In 10miles I took a tour of old tree lined streets and 19th century mansions, watched racehorses during their warm up, window shopped in town and used the public library as spot to refill my water. At the beginning of the run I wasn't into it, but I seemed to fall into a good rhythm around mile four that carried my legs through the end and I was free to enjoy my surroundings.

Running twice a week seems to have had a positive impact on my mental game. I'm not sure if it's because I'm looking forward to long runs more because I'm running fewer times weekly, or because I've abandoned "the plan" and the need to have my excel training log mirror the prescribed workouts. Whatever it is, I'm glad my mood has shifted and I'm learning to love the long run.


Monday: 8mi; 60min spin; 45min total body
                scheduled - cross
Tuesday: rest
                scheduled - rest
Wednesday: 60min spin; strength training; stretching 
                scheduled - 3mi  
Thursday: 3.55mi
                scheduled - 7mi  
Friday: PT strength training
                scheduled - 4mi  
Saturday: 10.15mi
                scheduled - rest  
Sunday: rest
                scheduled - 15mi

Weekly mileage: 21.70mi
Scheduled weekly mileage: 24mi